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Andrew Zusman

Design Practice Lead and Manager



As a leader, I am a gardener. My objective is to help develop and maintain the environment wherein individuals can grow, teams can perform at their highest level, and software execution is frustration free. I create that environment through optimistic energy, big picture thinking, boundless curiosity, and an appetite for experimentation.

Key Skills
  • Facilitation

  • Design Ops

  • Organizational Strategy

  • Design Management                       

  • Lean / Agile Evangelism    

  • Team Building                   

  • Leadership     

  • Digital Transformation



VMware / Pivotal                                     September 2018 ­- Present
Design Practice Lead

As Design Practice Lead on Pivotal’s Agile Practice Leadership Enablement (APLE) team, I worked to improve software delivery environments and cultures for major enterprise clients. This work included assessing existing practices, measuring team health, defining overarching business objectives, building communities of practice, encouraging the adoption of new practices, improving organizational culture, as well as simultaneously executing on software delivery as a designer. In a software delivery capacity, I worked closely with developers and product managers to mitigate risk via strategic user research and I also designed user interfaces.

Notable Clients

  • USAF - Kessel Run              

  • Space Force - Section 31  

  • U.S. Army Software Factory  

  • Dell

  • FedEx                                 

  • MasterCard                        

  • Vizient

  • Humana                                                                

  • National Geospatial Intelligence Agency               



Waldo Photos                                              March 2018 ­- August 2018
Director of User Experience
Led a facial recognition startup to produce the best quality designs and experiences alongside product, marketing, and engineering teams across the globe. While primarily focused on consumer facing facial recognition applications for web, mobile web, and native mobile (Android and iOS) this also included research, information architecture, spec writing, and design for critical internal-facing tools.

Infogroup                                        June 2016 ­- March 2018
Senior User Experience Product Designer
Performed design research and prototyping for Salesgenie, InfoUSA, and ReferenceUSA products. This includes product strategy, usability studies, user interviewing, UI design, information architecture, and leading projects across multiple teams.

Skyrise App                                     Feb 2015 ­- June 2016
VP Product and Head of UX and Design
Designed and built the Skyrise app for iOS, Android, and Web and, as co­founder, led the company to both outside investment and sales. This included the complete lifecycle of the product as the head of product management, as well as all design, market validation, and user research.

Velocis                                               Dec. 2014 ­- June 2016
User Experience Designer and Researcher
Strategized products and wireframed for a wide variety of mainly startup clients.  Conducted user research, tracked analytics, and followed projects from inception to completion alongside development teams.

Netcraft Israel                               Jan 2014 ­ - Feb 2015
User Experience Designer and Educator in Residence
Conducted user research and prototyped products on a wide range of platforms for mainly enterprise clients worldwide.

Inkod­-Hypera                                 Feb 2013 -­ Jan 2014
User Experience Designer

Researched, designed, built, and shipped products for both startups and global enterprise companies. This included products for iOS, Android, web, tablets, and gaming systems.


Speaking Engagements and Workshops

As a noted long-form writer and researcher on the subject of Accessibility and Universal Design, I spoke at numerous events around the world to promote higher standards for accessibility in the design community. This was based on research I conducted independently.


Designing for Dyslexia


  • Future of Web Design - New York City, New York - 2015

  • Big Design Dallas - Dallas, Texas 2015

  • MobX Mobile Conference - Berlin, Germany 2014

  • Content Strategy Forum - Frankfurt, Germany 2014

  • WebVisions - Barcelona, Spain 2014

  • UX Salon - Tel Aviv, Israel 2014

  • UX Poland - Warsaw, Poland 2014

  • ProfsoUX - St. Petersburg, Russia 2014

  • Lean Startup Machine - Raanana, Israel 2014


The Sound of One Hand Typing


  • Build Stuff Development Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania 2013

  • UX Conference - Lugano, Switzerland 2013

  • WebExpo Prague - Prague, Czech Republic 2013

  • UX Scotland - Edinburgh, Scotland 2013




Since 2014, I have mentored a variety of startups as well as individual UX practitioners. It’s important to me to share my knowledge and to build up the community.


UX Kickoff 2016

Noticing the lack of introductory UX courses in the Dallas area, I created UX Kickoff as an offshoot of the design agency, Velocis. I designed and facilitated day-long courses to students.


Netcraft Academy for User Experience Design ­ 2012

As Educator in Residence, I taught at Netcraft Academy, Israel's premier school for user experience and front end development education. I taught students the fundamentals of UX design and conducted a series of workshops and in­-office training sessions.


Netcraft Academy for User Experience Design ­ (2012)

Ohio University ­ Completed Master’s Coursework in History (2006)

Indiana University Bloomington ­ BA in History (2005)

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